Midguard Network

Amethyst Seast Set

Greenprotector Helmet

Netherite Knight 


Welcome to Midguard Kingdoms. 

A RPG Kingdom PVP experience.

Logging into Midguard Kingdoms should be a fairly uneventufl experience until you reach the point where you are ready to start a kingdom.


Lets walk you through the steps for your first time joining the server.

Login to play.midguardnetwork.com and walk over to the NPC that says "Kingdom" above their head.


This will take you to our Kingdom server from our Lobby server. Once you join you will spawn in our Kingdom Tutorial World.

Walk forward to the npc on the other end and he will take you to the main tutorial area. 

This will give you a preview of all the classes as each NPC is named. Right click on each NPC to see the GFX that will display the advantages and disadvantages of each class.

Use Shift + F to open your main menu. From here you can start accessing most of the in game commands. Bottom right hand corner has expansion menus to player upgrades, and health upgrades, potion buffs.

Potion buffs = work until you die or time runs out.

HP + adds health points to your character once you have hit max level. Purchase for in game money.

Player upgrades = Use in game money to unlock player upgrades like direct to inventory drops, or pets, etc.



Ice Mage